wedding rings online

Wedding Rings Online

Design Your OwnCreate the ring of her dreams, online or in store! Our Design Your Own collection features hundreds of exquisite ring styles available in your choice of seven different precious metals.DIAMOND 4CsEngagement RingA diamond engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment. Create her dream ring by designing it yourself.Three Stone RingHonor the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future with a customized three-stone diamond ring.Loose DiamondsChoose from a wide selection of diamonds in just about every cut, color, clarity and carat weight imaginable.Setting OnlyYour magnificent diamond; our exquisite setting. It’s the perfect marriage.Shop ring settingsAnniversary BandWhether it’s your first year or fiftieth, celebrate with a customized diamond anniversary band.Design an anniversary bandEternity BandAn unending circle of shimmering, sparkling diamonds says “I’ll love you for eternity.”Design an eternity bandMen’s Diamond BandCustomized designs with a hint of sparkle – just for him. The perfect way to say “I do.”Design a men’s diamond bandMetal BandExquisite designs in luxurious metals seal your marriage commitment.Design a metal bandDiamond StudsSelect round or princess-cut diamonds in your choice of settings.Design diamond studsDiamond PendantSimple elegance in your choice of settings with round or princess cut diamonds.Design a diamond pendantPersonalizedMother’s rings, class rings, couple’s rings, and customized looks of every kind. If it can be personalized, you’ll find it here.Shop personalizedPersona Bead CollectionDiscover your charm™ with buildable, changeable, uniquely you Persona beads and bracelets.Shop Persona
wedding rings online 1

Wedding Rings Online

Diamond PendantSimple elegance in your choice of settings with round or princess cut diamonds.Design a diamond pendantPersonalizedMother’s rings, class rings, couple’s rings, and customized looks of every kind. If it can be personalized, you’ll find it here.Shop personalizedPersona Bead CollectionDiscover your charm™ with buildable, changeable, uniquely you Persona beads and bracelets.Shop Persona
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Wedding Rings Online

Obviously, many people are skeptical about buying engagement rings online. They think: “I’m more likely to get a fake stone or get scammed online”, “it could get lost/stolen in the mail” or “for something so important, I need to see it before I buy it.”
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Wedding Rings Online

As I mentioned above, when I bought my wedding ring on Blue Nile, I returned the first one I got for a larger size. I didn’t pay anything except the difference in price for the rings…no return shipping. Nothing.
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Wedding Rings Online

My husband went to a local jeweler, as well, but I would have been fine with him shopping online, especially at Blue Nile. Some of my friends have rings from Blue Nile and they’re absolutely gorgeous and very good quality.
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Wedding Rings Online

Diamonds are so marked up in stores that you can save almost 50 percent buying online. Reputable online diamond jewelers will let you customize your engagement ring by style, setting, and all the four C’s so you get a ring that’s not only one of a kind but also in your budget. Best of all, they understand that buying a ring is difficult online, so they make returns and exchanges easy.
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Wedding Rings Online

I agree entirely with James. My (now) husband bought my diamond online (with some help from me), I didn’t enjoy the shopping at the local jeweler thing and since I buy 99% of everything else online I thought I’d give it a try. I found an awesome website that had good reviews, the customer service I received was great. The diamond (which was actually second hand) was much bigger with better color and clarity than I could have bought in the store. It was a win win for us (me). The website guaranteed authenticity, but I had it checked out anyway. Everything was as promised. I had a great experience buying online, but it was only because I did my homework first.
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Wedding Rings Online

And local jewelers are a dying breed, precisely because people shop at big chains and online shops. Buying an engagement ring or wedding bands is a huge emotional and financial commitment. Wouldn’t you want to share this moment with a real human being who will be available to clean, repair, and care for your investment for years to come?
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Ergo, you will get a real diamond with a gemologist’s certificate. This may not be the case on some sketchy Website or with an online auction. Wherever you buy your diamond (online or in a store), it’s a good idea to take the stone to an unaffiliated jeweler for an independent appraisal.
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As a local jeweler, this was definitely an interesting read. We focus on the value oriented segment of the market, and so we go head-to-head with Blue Nile and other online retailers all the time. In most cases, we can at least meet their pricing while still offering the expert guidance of a GIA trained gemologist and the services of our in-house repair shop if there are any issues (something online-only jewelers can’t do).
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For my wife’s engagement ring, my mom gave me diamonds that were passed along generation to generation in our family. I went to a jeweler and had them set in a band and ended up coming in around $350. And, because my wife is awesome, she wanted to use that ring as her wedding band as well.
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When you ship diamonds, you send them via FedEx or UPS with tracking, insurance, and a required signature. In the rare event that your stone gets stolen, you won’t be out a penny. But even that is unlikely. In 15 years of selling tens of thousands of diamonds a year—online—Blue Nile tells me they have never lost a single diamond!
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OK, you’ve decided to save a ton of cash and buy online. You’ve found a jeweler you trust. What next? Basically, you want to do your homework.
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James Allen, Blue Nile, and others sell loose diamonds, any of which jewelers can use to build the ring of your dreams. You’ll pay a bit more for the jeweler’s time designing and building the ring, but still save a bundle buying the loose diamond online.
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David… Good and helpful article. I just bought a ring online (my second go round…life happens!), and saved about 28% over purchasing a like ring at a Jared’s or Kay’s or Zales, etc. Under your section “4” where you talk about the four “C’s” of a diamond, you listed carat as size. This is incorrect. Carat is a unit of weight. Just like human beings, you can have two or more diamonds that weigh the same, but have different physical dimensions. Also for your readers perusal, a friend of mine’s father just retired from the jewelry business after 50 or so years. He told me cut is the most important as that is where a stone will get the majority of its sparkle/fire/brilliance. He had seen I colored stones with excellent cuts that outshone D stones with only a good cut. Also keep in mind that round cuts and princess cuts are more expensive than other cuts and by going to other cut styles, you can get more bang for your buck. This is about saving money after all!
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If you go to a local jeweler don’t forget to negotiate. I brought comps from online sites, had my set price in mind when I sat down, packaged my deal with some other jewelry, and reminded them that this probably won’t be my last jewelry purchase. Still probably the hardest check I ever wrote to date.
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I first bought my wife our engagement ring online, she LOVED it, and we promptly ordered her a backup Cubic Zirconia ring as well, for when we travel, since she didn’t want to lose or ‘misplace’ the ring when we travel out of the country. I’ve never bought a ring in-store again.
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Earlier this year, I proposed to my (now) fiance with a ring from an online jewelry store. I’m very happy that I chose to purchase from there. I had phone and email contact with a single jeweler through the whole process which included three follow-ups to make sure that we were happy with the ring. It seemed like there was less pressure on the whole than the local jewelry stores I walked into. I also tried going into the national chains, but they just felt like high-pressure salesmen looking to sell you on a diamond that was well out of my price range. I would just also recommend looking at follow-on reviews of whatever storefront you have chosen, whether it be web or local, to see how they handle when something goes bad.
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I am a firm believer in shopping online for everything from electronics to clothing, but I was venturing into unfamiliar waters when I started the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. The 4 C’s were a language I had no idea of, and it was nice for an actual person to explain it to me in layman’s terms, rather than try to figure it out on my own.

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